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Godoy (eds), Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy--Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1991, p.
Aureole celebrates the resplendence of language and desire" she explains.
For example, the wall on which Delacroix depicted Jacob's struggle with the angel becomes an eyecatcher for its resplendence, for the ambiguities this mysterium tremendum evokes in the eye of the beholder.
Abraham's willingness to pay any amount of tax on the contents of the casket arouses the suspicion of Pharaoh's customs officials, and when they order the casket opened, Sarah's beauty, which excelled that of Eve herself, fills all of Egypt with its resplendence.
The upshot is a brisk, eye-popping 95 minutes that combines the resplendence of Merchant-Ivory with the spryness of Nicholas Hytner.
As Harvard University provides medical knowledge and MIT provides engineering technique, both universities have together created mutual resplendence and win-win situation.
I WANTED a walk to celebrate the sheer resplendence of trees during this time of year - and this one is a stunner.
Elbow @Newport Centre, Newport (Thursday) MERCURY Music Award-winning Brit rockers currently enjoying aburst of late blooming resplendence on the back of their acclaimed album The Seldom Seen Kid.
But there was no lack of amplitude - Komsi bursting forth with such vocal resplendence that she seemed the very embodiment of the elemental force of nature the "handsome maiden of the air" of the song's title.
Recently several English-language anthologies have given readers ample opportunity to enjoy the resplendence of the Caribbean short story.
A devoted young lover's fascination with the sensitivity of his older mistress is an ode to the resplendence of obsessive devotion: "he feels an irresistible impulse to fall to his knees and to stay fixed there as if witnessing a divine miracle.
Not coincidentally, the work of both of these sculptors reflects the beauty and rhythmic power of the animal world--its resplendence and corporeality, its stoic splendor and grace.