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The Bundelkhand rugged forts & palaces speaks the legacy of its past with the tales of valor and chivalry and bear silent testimony to the resplendence of an era long gone by Bundelkhand which emerged from the mist of history during the rule of the mighty Chandelas in 9th century AD, governed the destiny of India for nearly three hundred years.
Such embodied resplendence, in turn, allows the ugly-duckling-turned-Swan to transcend to a celebrated sphere where working-class and/or ethnic excess have been transubstantiated into gorgeous womanhood.
Alas, since Alexander McQueen's death, those shoes have been scarce on the ground- Still, my colleagues' question is provocative, not simply because it assumes that dress is an intrinsic aspect of public performance, especially one billed as concerned with academic fashion, but also because it runs counter to what many members of the professoriate seem to assume--that sartorial resplendence is suspect, mere superficial fluff distracting attention from the meaty intellect it shrouds, or that fashionable dress is a sellout--to capitalism, big business, what Roland Barthes dubs the fashion system, or all things perceived to be anathema to the life of the mind.
Yes, the Hanover is many, many steps up the elegance ladder, but after delighting audiences for so long, the duo has earned the right to resplendence.
Seeing the painting in person, I was impressed with his bejewelled resplendence, his regal bearing .
Yet a few lines earlier still, in order to prepare her guest for such resplendence, the hostess uses no sun-image, but rather that of il candelo: "so is the candle for Its flame prepared.
Kafka's choice of words certainly suggests that his confidence in his talents is evoked by a quiver of pleasurable feelings not unlike those elicited in the visual resplendence of the movie house.
At the blooming, the harmonies begin to open up to a richer palette for a few measures before returning to a soft thin line of rising notes that reflects the vanishing quality of the other flowers in the resplendence of the blooming peonies.
Because there's simply nowhere like Llandudno, a town dripping with character and resplendence which has managed to pull-off a once thought impossible double trick that's the envy of most other shop-til-you-drop centres.
68) For the Habsburgs, see Antonio Dominguez Ortiz, Concha Herrero Carretero, and Jose Godoy, Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy: Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional (exhibition catalogue, New York, 1991).
Lopez's easy-to-follow tactics and strategies so clearly outlined and illustrated in the pages of Simplicity provides readers with a quick and effective format with which to take control of their lives instead of letting the events and circumstances of their lives control them; make certain their legacy lives on through succeeding generations; how to create an environment where marriage and family flourish; and so many other knowledgeable ideals for a life of greater peace, joy and spiritual resplendence.