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But are flowers that bloom resplendently for only a few days therefore a waste?
The sanctum sanctorum glowed resplendently, its reflection lighting up the holy pool it stood amidst.
The ball took place this year at the Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel which was decked out resplendently in pink for this special evening.
Resplendently restored twice, this elegant theatre is Europe's most famous and provides the perfect setting for Nabucco.
It's odd as his hair isn't really red but when he grows facial hair it is resplendently auburn.
Another common usage was in 'yellow flags', our name for the wild irises that grew resplendently in marshy places and were a common flower throughout my childhood.
Although headlines alone cannot convey the resplendently lurid details, they can suggest the sorts of putrid sloughs that drain into the swamp:
SAM is dramatically broadening the understanding of an American museum's responsibility' to its community: Its next project is to overhaul its first home, which houses its great Asian art collection: Carl Gould's art-deco building, resplendently set in the 1903 park designed by an earlier civic-minded visionary, Frederick Law Olmsted.
A long time ago, according to the Sioux people of North America, a White Buffalo calf appeared from the sky and transformed into a resplendently beautiful Indian woman.
For a wayward, working-class graduate student with tendencies toward indiscipline scrambling to finish his dissertation, working in that environment, watching Gene and Betsey in action seems in retrospect like being surrounded by panels resplendently decorated with a series of rich tapestries, each with a story to tell.
She was laughing at the genre of historical romance, so resplendently and recently employed by Walter Scott, and at the idea of novels praising the despised royal family.
Convergence of hotel amenities with every day living, an amalgamation of home and hotel, resplendently full of amenities is not just a trend, but an expectation of the new buyer.