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We are very excited to have Respond join our global organization that is achieving consistent success as a leader in industry-specialized software solutions," said Eric Musser, president of CDC Software.
Targeting isn't an either-or decision, so it's best to mix and match targeting tactics -- especially when it comes to educated, prosperous consumers who simply won't respond to messages that aren't personally relevant," D'Alessandro said.
The ability to rapidly and effectively respond to ever present changes in supply, demand, capacity and product has become a competitive necessity for electronics manufacturers," said Randy Littleson, vice president of Marketing at Kinaxis.
RESPOND is the leading online lead referral service that connects purchase ready buyers with local sellers.
Through the partnership, Respond Network car shoppers will be able to request a price quote from a dealer in their local area by directly accessing Dealix's six nationwide dealer networks through the Dealix Lead Trading Platform (LTP).
Customer Retention Associates will support a comprehensive customer loyalty insight and solution approach offered by Respond, built on Respond's software and Customer Retention Associates' research, consulting, and training experience," said Richard Morrison, president of US operations for Respond Inc.
Respond has over a decade of expertise in helping healthcare organizations transform patient feedback and concerns into actionable quality improvements in the delivery of healthcare and patient services," said Rich Morrison, President of Respond Inc.
In anticipation of market demand for a more effective online marketing tool, Respond created the request-driven lead generation platform that delivers "ready-to-act consumers" to businesses who can deliver on consumer requests.
Lycos Shop is built to provide the best customer service on the Web, and integrating Respond.