responded to

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References in classic literature ?
He raised his head sometimes, looked before us, and uttered a cry of recognition, which was responded to by a voice that came nearer and nearer.
His manner, too, was singularly distrait: he neither responded to their salutations nor so much as looked at them, but walked slowly across the room in the light of the failing fire and opening the front door passed out into the darkness.
How many a heart that would have been insensible to any other call has responded to the doleful accents of that voice
Oh no; it must be merely the impertinence of those unblushing hussies; and we can only wonder how such respectable ladies should have responded to a summons that was not meant for them.
Their children had the social and educational opportunities of their time and place, and had responded to good associations and instruction with agreeable manners and cultivated minds.
Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenance responded to the gallantries of Porthos.
A terrific howl from the savages responded to these words--no doubt drowning the prisoner's reply.
During the week of July 1 through 7, officers responded to 12 alarms and logged 106 building checks.
Los Angeles police have responded to emergency calls much more quickly than a year ago due to changes in how it handles and categorizes calls, officials said Monday.
On another occasion, a doctor responded to one of Joe's allergic reactions by listening to his experience, helping him alleviate the immediate symptoms, then exploring with him the possible causes of the reactions, and preventive measures.
Not all of the respondents answered each question but most responded to nearly all of the questions.
For example, certain cells (called the predominant type) responded most to pictures of other sheep with large horns, while the "familiar' cell types responded to pictures of sheep that were known to the study subjects.