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Response time is often adopted to measure the QoS of a cloud application.
The difference of item response time between different ability individuals was significant in CAT.
Compared to the global response-time benchmark of six-eight minutes for at least 80-90 per cent of the fires in a jurisdiction, we aim to reduce the response time to 30 seconds.
"Some people's response times will extend," Lambel responded.
Despite the cuts, response times in Tyne and Wear remain better than the national average.
In Figure 3, purple line and blue line show average response time and maximum response time for one second, respectively, green line shows Operating Ratio.
From the small dataset collected, significant associations were found between the complicated patients and response time: those with complications had a mean response time of 0.9 hours against 0.3 hours in the uncomplicated group.
The expediency of principle YORKSHIRE Ambulance Service has struggled to meet response times in recent years and from our story today it seems they are slipping even further.
CH6, around Flint, has the slowest median response time of any postcode in North Wales that had 10 or more red calls in January 2016, with half taking eight minutes and 33 seconds or longer to arrive.
The average response time by ambulances in Wales is now five minutes and one second
Summary: Major-General Al Nuaimi also stressed the Abu Dhabi Police's desire to increase the efficiency of the Civil Defence aimed at reducing response time.
For example, under a fixed load, the mean response time for an open system model can exceed that for a closed system model by a high magnitude.

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