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In this regard, the response time test reported here consisted of two parts: a forward-step test and a reverse-step test.
The truncated response time places a premium on well written, focused IDRs.
In these studies, the test subjects were able to decrease the system response time delay by pressing a special function key.
Police have declared a goal of average response times of 7 minutes or less citywide.
Accelerating all web based applications, Certeon's patent-pending S-Series appliances minimize network traffic to significantly improve application response times, while maintaining end-to-end security.
Bergmann said he pushed for these changes ever since he was a captain over the LAPD's Foothill Division, which has some of the longest response times in the department because of its size.
Our results show that an Exchange server configured with iSCSI storage networking and the Silverback iSNAP 2110 delivered 21% faster response time versus a comparable Fibre Channel configuration for a 1000-user 'Heavy Knowledge Worker' population over an extended period of time," said Jennifer Turnquist, storage line director for Lionbridge.
It's hoped that the reduction in the size of our patrol area will increase our visibility in the North Valley, help reduce response times and help us do some more proactive policing,'' Bratton said later.
This new product boasts a response time similar to LCD panels for notebook computers and is also easy to mass produce.
Our response time in the Valley is over 10 minutes, and that's not acceptable,'' said City Councilman Dennis Zine.
Community chose SuperAgent because it analyzes end-to-end application response time without endpoint agents, providing visibility into how well the network infrastructure is delivering applications to end users across the enterprise.
This year, drivers in NASCAR are complaining about the response time of safety crews.

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