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As far as the response trials are concerned, there were significant main effects of both duration and number of attempts, F(1, 82) = 6.
Further, recall in the response trials was better for short than long durations, again possibly because the short duration condition had a shorter retention interval and presumably less interference from the suppression trials on the final recall.
During 2004-2007, we conducted 16 flight response trials in the three aquatic habitats (seven trials in canyon pools, five in shallow tanks, four in deep tanks).
Flight response trials were divided into disturbance and observation phases.
In addition, a further 125 prime-target pairs were added as 'No' response trials, where the 10 famous target names were replaced by 10 unfamiliar invented names matched for length; e.
We are encouraged by these results, which corroborate earlier dose response trials of ConXn's effect on connective tissue turnover via its effects on collagen and collagenase production," stated Scott Harkonen, M.

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