responsible for tight parking structure

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

I rent an apartment in Toronto with my fiancée. I had tried to manuvre around a car in the underground who refused to get out of my way when i was driving down. My car is under 6 feet In height. Whilst trying to move my car through another parking spot to get out of another cars way, I hit a hanging radiator in the underground parking. The radiator did not have any signs around it warning people to steer clear or any height warning signs nearby. It seemed as though my car should have been able to pass under it from the height of it. I hit the bottom of the radiator and it had been dented(a small flood also occured). Am I at 100% of the blame in this if there wasn't a height sign warning me not to pass under the radiator? Can the Property Management make me pay for the full damage to the radiator?


You can argue they should have had a warning if your vehicle is a normally sized vehicle and you generally have no height problems...
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