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The agency is the second-largest non-tax revenue generator, and in order to be responsible stewards and continue to grow, we need to ensure our 11 million annual customers enjoy our products responsibly.
To achieve this, the Trump administration should direct intelligence agencies to responsibly disclose every vulnerability they discover.
Enjoy Responsibly was very good last time at Killarney and hopefully he can put in a similar performance here.
According to Karen Graziano, director of advanced renewables development, offering RSPO palm oil allows Acme-Hardest to meet rising demand for sustainable palm oil products, while doing business responsibly and ethically, and encouraging producers to adopt more sustainable practices.
Please Think Responsibly is at Gilded Balloon Teviot, July 31–Aug 25 (not 11), 0131 622 6552 or www.
But we do not want to discourage walkers from enjoying the beautiful British countryside, only to do so responsibly and with consideration of the farming businesses that operate there.
Chief superintendent Adrian Watson, north lead for match commanders, urged fans to enjoy the match day experience but to do so responsibly.
He said that their argument is that they're a responsible pub company, and they sell responsibly, asserting that they would like their customers to act responsibly too, the Daily Star reported.
Healthcare: The 8200 Billion Opportunity From Using Medicines More Responsibly"--IMS found avoidable costs of more than $200 billion a year clue to medications not being used responsibly by both patients and health care professionals.
BIRMINGHAM'S health chief has accused the government of not acting responsibly over the perils of smoking and drinking.
Farmed in South East Asia, this white fish is a step towards more responsibly farmed alternative fish being available in the supermarket.
YouRenew has partnered with Recyclebank so customers can earn additional points for green actions, and it's R2 certified--meaning its electronics are handled responsibly.

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