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'Consume alcohol responsibly, know when to say it's enough,' she stressed.
The F&F 'Detox your wardrobe' campaign will make it easier for customers to dispose of their unwanted clothing, shoes and textiles responsibly. Customers can donate clothing, shoes and textiles that are from any brand, and of any quality, in our conveniently located collection units at the front of store.
"We know how important it is for people to enjoy their weekends off work but it is equally important to do so safely and responsibly."
'A public official should not disdain critics but engage with them decently and responsibly,' he added.
Date Responsibly presents an opportunity to be part of the solution."
The programme will enable customers to use electricity and water responsibly and contribute to protecting the natural resources," said Al Tayer.
"We launch an integrated set of initiatives, programmes, and activities throughout the year to raise awareness on the importance of using energy and water responsibly and engage customers and society in joint efforts to protect the environment and preserve natural resources.
Washington DC, [USA] July 17 ( ANI ): Turns out, college students should drink responsibly to improve their health and in turn change their lifestyle altogether.
The Magnum Life Grand Prize is part of Magnum's effort to encourage customers to not only play responsibly, but to win responsibly as well.
We've been self-regulating responsibly, paying our taxes responsibly, and have been a responsible corporate member for many decades.
Sri Lanka's electronic media stands together in the decision to act responsibly in the current situations and to 'douse the fires' of ethnic hatred purported by very few, instead of fanning the flames, the Broadcasters' Guild of Sri Lanka said.

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