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Composer Peter-Anthony Togni has won the 2014 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award for Responsio, a 50-minute work scored for solo bass clarinet and vocal quartet that is built upon a pre-existing composition, Guillaume de Machaut's 1365 Messe de Nostre Dame.
6) Responsio Editoris, in Anselm, Opera Omnia, 133; sentence numbers added.
Much of the literary activity of More's mature years, which were largely absorbed by affairs of state, was concerned with the controversies of the early Reformation, beginning with his Latin Responsio (1523) to Martin Luther's attacks on Henry VIII's treatise on the sacraments.
Example 4 shows music of the part of the Responsio beginning Iste est ille that follows the Quaestio: Unde est iste?
However, in another volume, the Speculum morale, Vincent incorporates the responsio sections of Thomas Aquinas's treatment of magnificence (Aquinas, q.
Erasmi opera omnia IX-3 (Amsterdam, 1996); Erasmus, Apologia qua respondet duabus invectivis Edwardi Lei and Responsio ad annotationes Edwardi Lei, in Erika Rummel (ed.
We will look at these opinions and Aquinas's response to them after exploring what Aquinas has to say in his responsio, the more detailed response to the question at hand, and Dogen's analogous views.
Petrarca risponde prontamente con un'epistola intitolata: "Ad Annam imperatricem, responsio congratulatoria super eius femineo licet partu et ob id ipsum multa de laudibus feminarum" ("Ad Anna imperatrice, congratulandosi per la nascita della prole, sebbene femminile; e da cio prendendo occasione a far molte lodi delle donne").
Incipit Responsio Dosithei summi pontificis ecclesiam sanctam magnifice defendentis et responsionem in lectionibus exprimentis.
Each article is addressed in a tripartite manner: several relevant statements from patristic sources, classical writings, and Aquinas' own store of knowledge are cited; the sed contra or alternative view is presented; and the responsio or reply provides a new, multi-layered "truth.
The meaning of this Latin pun, difficult to capture in Modern English, affects readings in this work as well as in its companion piece, the Responsio discipuli.
Then there are her projects with at least two musical eras or styles coming together in performance, such as Responsio by composer Peter Togni.

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