responsive offer

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'Resorting to splitting deprived the agency of the opportunity to take advantage of possible bulk discounts or lowest responsive offer if the procurements were done through public bidding,' the COA said.
giving the most responsive offer. The procurement was done after President Aquino signed Executive Order No.
As a lead developer, ACWA Power International will identify global opportunities for which it assembles a consortium of development partners, identify the optimum technical solution, negotiate competitive EPC and O&M Contracts, prepare a sustainable business case and a robust financial model, structure equity and debt financing, and present a responsive offer delivering value for money in the tariff..
(71) The protesters argued that the bundling of the requirement (the turnkey system as opposed to procuring the parts individually) violated the restrictions of the Small Business Act (72) and the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA), (73) and that the solicitation was unduly restrictive because it consolidated requirements while not providing enough information to submit a responsive offer or enough time for potential awardees to meet the government's time requirements for first shipment.
Originally, protesters included an allegation that the solicitation did not provide enough information to permit potential offerors the opportunity to submit responsive offers. Id.
the community reserves the right to negotiate with all the candidates who have submitted a responsive offer. pursuant to article r2123-5 of the ccp, the contract may also be awarded on the basis of the highest initial offer in terms of the tender judgment criteria, without negotiation.
Reason For Award: Lowest Calculated and Responsive Offer.
Companies submitting a responsive offer will be invited to perform the tests according to a schedule established by the Biomedical Department for 2 weeks for each material.
It is limited to 1 lot per candidate subject to the dual condition that the lot concerned has responsive offers and that at least one bid has an overall score n greater than or equal to 50/100 points.
The contractors would be responsible for creating responsive offers that conform to the uniform contract format.
mixed multi-beneficiary framework agreement for which 6 service providers (under cover of a sufficient number of responsive offers) will be awarded for each of the 5 lots: - lot 1: Technical assistance in computer engineering of the building, - lot 2: Technical assistance in mathematical engineering - data sciences, - lot 3: Technical and scientific assistance in physical engineering of the building, - lot 4: Technical assistance in energy, Environmental and circular economy engineering, - lot 5: Technical assistance in project management.