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As a result, those who offer e- booking with the greatest responsiveness can gain a significant advantage for themselves and their customers in efficiencies, cost-savings and customer service overall.
In regards to carrier responsiveness, Raleigh is fastest, with Kansas City being the slowest.
This paper investigates the influence of aggregate country-level characteristics on health system responsiveness, using data on 66 countries present in the World Health Survey (WHS).
Satiety responsiveness was negatively correlated with BMI (adjusted for age and sex) in both groups and also was negatively correlated with waist circumference in the twin group.
The researchers quantified glucocorticoid responsiveness by determining the [log.
Traditional SAN architectures severely limit the responsiveness of the computing infrastructure.
Through automation, Practice Manager increases the quality, consistency and responsiveness of practice execution.
Fluid responsiveness was defined as a >10% increase in cardiac index after fluid administration and non-responsiveness was defined as <10% increase in cardiac index after fluid administration.
The clustered approach provides a storage architecture that delivers true competitive advantage, business responsiveness, and accelerated return on investment.
Two hours after administering vitamin C orally, Frei's team also observed an improvement in an artery's responsiveness to vessel-dilating drugs.
The performance features are designed to maximize user responsiveness for PHP applications by allowing applications to run significantly faster.
Another key benefit for this market is the application acceleration capability which dramatically increases the speed and responsiveness that users experience.