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Ferziger, "Feminism and Heresy: The Construction of a Jewish Metanarrative," Journal of the American Academy of Religion 77 (2009): 494-546; and Rachel Adler, "Innovation and Authority: A Feminist Reading of the 'Women's Minyan' Responsum, " in Gender Issues in Jewish Law: Essays and Responsa, eds.
15) The Vatican's English translation of Responsum ad dubium should say "pertains to," not "belongs to.
grant us a legal responsum (fatwa) regarding questions that we have recorded here.
61) Rabbi Eliezer Fleckeles of Prague (1754-1826) issued a rather fascinating responsum on the following topic: May one allow children to marry followers of the false messiahs Shabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank?
Tragically, however, Rabbi Oshry concludes his responsum with the report that Rabbi Itzkowitz was later a victim of Nazi extermination in a concentration camp.
He translates a responsum by the great 20th century posek (decisor), Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, warning against interfaith work because proximity with non-Jews leads to assimilation and since Christians are idolaters, such activities are strictly prohibited.
In his responsum opposing the use of recreational marijuana, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, a leading posek of the 20th century, wrote that marijuana limits one's ability to exercise free will, alters one's sense of reality, impairs one's judgment and affects one's ability to function.
It strikes me as sad that you had to publish Ordinatio Sacerdotalis and Responsum ad Dubium in the December issue.
Teitelbaum's criticisms in another responsum on AID in Jewish law.
This responsum originally appeared in 9 Assia 1 (Tamuz 5742) (1982)) and is reprinted in 5 Sefer Assia 84-93 (Jerusalem, 5746) (1986)), arguing that when an embryo is created through in vitro fertilization the result is a complete absence of natural genealogy, thus maternal identity is established only when fertilization occurs while the ovum is yet attached to the mother's body).
The idea of responsibility always implicates another person because responsibility requires an answer--a responsum, an account--about some action to another person.
During the return procession they shall sing the appointed antiphons until they reach the church doors; then, having sung the antiphon Responsum accepit Simeon, with the collect Erudi quaesumus Domine, they shall enter the church singing the respond Cum inducerunt Puerum.