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STATION, civil law. A place where ships may ride in safety. Dig. 49, 12, 1, 13; id. 50, 15, 59.

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Among the products that are set to be displayed at the NEXCO managed rest stations are; Taiwanese dates, which will have free samples available, a series of sweet cakes made from Taiwanese bananas and other fruit products, as well as spicy oil made with sakura shrimp.
Sometime later an eerie stillness engulfed us, then everything became visible, including the coach rest station, 100 yards away
A rest station for climbers, but only for a short period.
1978) (defendant unhitched semi-trailer loaded with marijuana, leaving it parked at rest station, after apparently becoming aware of police surveillance).
I made it to the 20-mile rest station at the school in St James's Street in Marsh.
The proposed tunnel - or Mersey Walkway to give it a working title - could have a cafA positioned halfway as a rest station, and be policed by CCTV
His Royal Highness Prince Mansur bin Met'ab bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), in an official circular has instructed all the municipalities to ensure that the owners and operators of all the road rest stations across the Kingdom are obligated to obtain operation licenses from SCTA for any tourism accommodation facility, whether they be hotels, furnished apartments, or motels that are located within the road rest station zones.