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He said that deliberations are underway over he second package of incentives which include restate funding which will open wide door for expatriates to obtain houses according to soft terms.
Are companies that report material weaknesses in internal control more likely to restate their financial statements?
OFHEO has already demanded that Fannie restate a portion of its financial statements that deal with impaired loans for manufactured housing, arguing that Fannie did not write off a sufficient amount of the value of these assets.
Riverstone said in late July that it expected to restate these seven quarters of results, but did not reveal the extent of the restatement.
But the apostle is that most needed emissary of love, truth, and goodness who dares to restate the obvious and to bring its salutary blessings into the lives of people.
Next in line of the biggies was the drugstore chain, Rite Aid had to restate 1997 through 1999 results, which it did in October 1999.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 22, 2016-Blackhawk Network Holdings to amend, restate credit agreement
As a result and following an exchange with the Audit and Finance Committee of the board of directors and management on revenue recognition, the company started a comprehensive review of the revenue recognition policies applicable to its mobile and security business and after discussion and consultation with its auditors and advisors, determined that it was necessary to restate previously reported financial results to comply with US GAAP accounting rules used by similar service providers.
Some officials have stated that increased focus and guidance by the Secretaries and Exchange Commission (SEC or Commission) on accounting issues in the late 1990s may have prompted more companies to restate previously reported financial statements.
Internet investment and holding company CMGI Inc has announced that it will restate earnings for its past four quarters after a review of in-process research and development charges in light of the newly-issued SEC guidelines.
92-75 appears to merely restate the Service's prior position, it may stand for the proposition that the competent authority process, if available, must always be requested in connection with a refund claim in a treaty country as a result of an IRS-initiated Sec.