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The Amended & Restated Arrangement Agreement provides for corrections and updates to reflect that the continuation of EGX's subsidiary, Ecuador Gold and Copper Inc.
The amended and restated credit facility is expected to include a USD400 million revolving credit facility, including a USD200 million letter of credit subfacility and a USD125 million subfacility for swingline loans, as well as a USD300 million term loan facility, of which USD200 million is expected to be outstanding upon completion of the company's private placement of convertible notes.
4, 2005, Fannie Mae announced that its audit committee had approved the engagement of Deloitte & Touche LLP as it independent auditor to perform an audit of 2004 and a re-audit of prior-period financial statements, which will be restated.
No restated opinion was qualified or adverse, however, nor does the data set include any "no-opinion" cases, which may be due in part to the survival bias cited earlier and the effect of delayed reporting on delistings that potentially would remove information from CompustatPC.
The company restated its third-quarter '98 net income to $34.
During the past three years, in fact, more than 400 companies have restated earnings, a sharp increase accompanied by shocking market losses.