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Webster then sent off the notice to Irving who was now restfully settled in his newly purchased home - Sunnyside - in Tarrytown, New York.
After a few days of sleeping restfully on the pad, Ober also noticed that his severe back pain had vastly improved.
She has written Sleep Tight to help parents shorten the process of teaching their children to sleep long and restfully.
sleep restfully, free from night-time cough and/or wheeze
Like so much high baroque, most of this program should speak to audiences seeking an evening of restfully decorous tunes.
The house, which has been refurbished and decorated in restfully fashionable shades of neutral colours and warm chocolate browns, has an ambience of peace.
MTBI subjects have reported the achievement of positive results when they felt they were given time to heal, were able to sleep restfully, learned to set reasonable goals, and made specific time for relaxation and leisure with their partners and family members.
This is the goal of the last program--to have them so relaxed they can be put to bed and sleep restfully for most of the night.