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The house, which has been refurbished and decorated in restfully fashionable shades of neutral colours and warm chocolate browns, has an ambience of peace.
This is the goal of the last program--to have them so relaxed they can be put to bed and sleep restfully for most of the night.
10) The next three weeks were spent restfully on board ship as it made its way across the Pacific Ocean to California.
These scenarios are part and parcel of everyday life flowing through like an uncontrollable river eroding hopes of every immediate contingency where nobody can restfully close their eyes and all only pretend to sleep, and often wake up with nightmares.
You'll sleep restfully while your body will be busily burning up your excess fat and carrying out essential maintenance.
The final scene of Pansa's novel seems to offer an image of peace and reconciliation, as Marco (a partisan's son) and Carla (a fascist's daughter) sleep restfully after a night of passionate love-making in the house and bed of Marco's parents.
Falling out of the mad kaleidoscope, one emerges into the courtyard of Somerset House and marvels at how measured and rational it is, and how restfully grey.