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Marshall Foundation (I'm a member), which was very helpful but proved unsuccessful at identifying Vigdor's final resting place.
One day the moors will give up its secrets and Keith's family will have him back to put to rest, but there must be no resting place for Brady's evil remains, they must be discarded like the rubbish he was and no sign of him must remain on this earth, no name, no grave, no mark, just nothing.
Built 112 years ago, North Cemetery is located in Santa Cruz district and is the resting place of key figures in Philippine history, including former Presidents Sergio Osmena, Ramon Magsaysay and Manuel Roxas.
A chance encounter with a man at a roadside memorial -- a descanso, a resting place -- inspires her to flee her home and her law office on a cross-country journey to New Mexico, the site of the car accident that claimed her son's life.
DAVID Bowie's final resting place is to remain a secret known only by his immediate family.
Onlookers stopped in the street as the hearse carrying the small coffin took David to his final resting place.
SIXTY new sanctum vaults have been installed in Redcar Cemetery to provide an alternative resting place for loved ones.
Town councillor Chris Lines arranged a visit to his final resting place in Kirkdale Cemetery in Liverpool, with Alison Hodgson of Sedgefield Local History Society and Charlie Lines and Joe Whitehill, two pupils from Sedgefield Primary School.
INVESTIGATORS with an Australian agency have concluded that the missing Malaysian jet is not within an area thought to be its most likely resting place after an unmanned submersible found no sign of the plane.
He has taken in Leon Trotsky's resting place in Mexico City, John F Kennedy's in Virginia and rocker Johnny Ramone's in Los Angeles.
FANS of Freddie Mercury believe they may have solved the 21-year puzzle of his final resting place.
The Texas State Cemetery, located east of downtown Austin, has become the final resting place for dozens of famous politicians and war heroes.