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Ibalik ninyo yang binigay sa inyo alam niyo naman panuhol yan eh, pero tinanggap niyo eh, eh di you have the duty to restitute in the language of the Penal Code," she said.
To restitute and rebury where they were originally found all human remains removed from Mamilla Cemetery, in coordination with the competent Muslimauthorities in Jerusalem; and,4.
At each advance course of piston, it will be created a flow through the orifice of vessel, which wills comprime the liquid pipe will be the same, though after the waves reflected successive in the pipewill reach a certain amplitude equivalent with medium pressure, the piston will develop energy in order to comprime the liquid from (C) at moving forward course, and in this case the liquid working as a resort, will restitute to the piston the energy needed for the back race (Constantinescu, 1985).
Much property in Western Europe was returned during the postwar period, but it was only after the collapse of communism that it was possible to restitute property in the former Iron Curtain countries.
Alec Coles, director of Tyne and Wear Museums, said: "We know there is a campaign to restitute them to the region, but our hope is to borrow them hopefully on a fairly regular basis every few years.
While this law enables the many restitution lawsuits to proceed, the law itself does not restitute properties to the Greek Catholic Church.
I would like to caution that what Soto and Covarrubias declare, that is, that once the law that prohibits collecting anything for petty exchange is promulgated there is obligation to restitute if anything were received, is a complex issue, as we could be dealing here with the just price received for the service involved in the exchange.
And I write this as if language could restitute the breakage--
Against it, contemporary supreme authority, that is, the authority a nuestras alturas, our nomic order, lays down the law: restitute, the law commands, do not impose, like the superego telling us: enjoy
Restitution would be its logical counterpart: the process through which alterity manifests as an "irruption" or "an event" or "a radical opening" (139) within the representational thought which, unable to restitute alterity as direct presence, can at least point to the traces of its absence.
Gerbino-Rosen treats have a history of trauma, which compels them to seek pregnancy to restitute an experience.
The master's part in this myth is to be nature's emissary, since Rousseau wishes to restitute natural directivite (2) in Emile via the master's teachings.