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Wuxi Suntech is to restitute the payment totaling 206 million RMB within 10 days of the judgment going into effect, as well as pay interest and penalties due to the breach of the agreement (from March 31, 2014 to December 31, 2014, with the interest calculated on the basis of the benchmark lending rate set by The People's Bank of China for the same period and the principal of 206 million RMB; from January 1, 2015 to the actual date of payment, with interest and penalties calculated on the basis of four times the benchmark lending rate set by The People's Bank of China for the same period and the principal of 206 million RMB.
Alec Coles, director of Tyne and Wear Museums, said: "We know there is a campaign to restitute them to the region, but our hope is to borrow them hopefully on a fairly regular basis every few years.
For example, the Catholic Church reported that the Government was less responsive than in previous periods, with the courts refusing to restitute a few properties.
I would like to caution that what Soto and Covarrubias declare, that is, that once the law that prohibits collecting anything for petty exchange is promulgated there is obligation to restitute if anything were received, is a complex issue, as we could be dealing here with the just price received for the service involved in the exchange.
And I write this as if language could restitute the breakage--
Against it, contemporary supreme authority, that is, the authority a nuestras alturas, our nomic order, lays down the law: restitute, the law commands, do not impose, like the superego telling us: enjoy
Gerbino-Rosen treats have a history of trauma, which compels them to seek pregnancy to restitute an experience.
There needs to be a commitment that where claims are found there is a commitment to restitute the property.
What Ligeti wrote in the introduction to his edition of 1966 is still true: "Useful as are the late copies of the translation of 1305 we know today, at present it is impossible to restitute with their aid the original text without any doubt whatever.
I beseech you help me restitute his right to he whose right has been violated and help me so we can all raise our country to the rank of civilized nations where the state of rights reigns.
Hence the hastily devised March 5 decree declaring that those who confess will be given only suspended sentences, provided they restitute the money and retire from public life.
Hungary, a World War II-era ally of Nazi Germany, has held the artworks since the genocide of its Jewish population and continues to circumvent justice by refusing to restitute the artworks.