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(7) See Alexander Herman, 'Legal Challenges Remain for Restituting African Artefacts from French Museums' Art Newspaper 28 Nov.
Andrew Wawn expands on his earlier work by examining Victorian makers of the Viking Middle Ages active in Merseyside and Edward Morris surveys early nineteenth-century Liverpool collectors of illuminated manuscripts, devoting considerable attention to restituting the scholarly reputation of Sir John Tobin, a retired seaman, former slave trader, and pioneer in the acquisition of medieval manuscripts whose collection, amassed between 1823 and 1835, was "perhaps the most important small group of late medieval illuminated manuscripts ever assembled by a private individual" (166).
" Life," to Newman, was shorthand for the social sphere, and all of the artists and their signature works--whether the muscular, pulsing blackness of Motherwell's "Elegies to the Spanish Republic," or Pollock's airborne, pullulating skeins, or the nimbuslike haze of Rothko's colors in the diminuendo of their soulful minor key--signify the historically localized vision of an art that turned entirely inward, restituting the self in the aftermath of the technological apogee of the atom bomb and the devil's work of Hitler's efficient slaughter.
In many cases local authorities refused to turn over restituted properties in which county or municipal governments had an interest and challenged in court the decisions of the Special Restitution Commission, the section within the National Authority for Property Restitution responsible for restituting religious and ethnic communal urban property.
If one acknowledges the organic aspect of these examples, by means of which action always occurs at two levels (the level of the moment of realization and the level of organization of all elements participating in it), one sees that Rousseau succeeds in restituting a message whose meaning ties directly into the integrity of the dynamic of its structure and the order projected in the events.
For those buildings occupied by the restituting owner, the process is complete.
element-invisibleBusiness ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1"It's something positive for everybody because they're restituting," Fonacier told reporters.She said this is part of the liability shift framework the BSP has implemented in dealing with fraudulent transactions arising from banks' shift to the Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) technology.
The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and other Jewish groups have praised the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which critics accuse of fomenting xenophobia against Muslims and gays, for combating anti-Semitism and restituting Jewish property.
GENEVA -- Switzerland, currently in the process of restituting assets to several former autocratic countries, is working on a new law aimed at simplifying the process of freezing and unblocking such funds, the government said Wednesday.
NNA - 6/7/2011 - Deputy Khaled Al-Daher withdrew in his intervention on Wednesday confidence from Premier Najib Mikati's government, warning of the attempts to drag the army into political alignments, confirming that "national constants on top of which facing the Israeli enemy and restituting our rights are a national duty." Daher assured however that monopolizing these rights is inacceptable.
These provisions resolved some of the impediments to property restitution in earlier legislation that were criticized by religious denominations, i.e., not restituting the land of demolished buildings and not providing for compensation.