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Greek Catholic communities decided, in many cases, to build new churches because of the lack of progress in restituting their properties either through dialogue with the Orthodox Church or in court; however, their efforts were hampered by the Orthodox Church, sometimes with the support of local authorities.
10) Navarro absolutely condemns the custom of charging a five or six per thousand to the person to whom a payment is made by order of whomever deposited the money in the bank, (11) and says that the banker has the obligation of restituting that six per thousand to the person it was charged to.
In fact, it is not clear what kind of restitution it really attempts, beyond restituting restitution, so I am already interpreting when I claim that the restitution in question is the restitution of the proper name.
We thought we had solved the problem by actually identifying and restituting about one million Swiss francs on dormant accounts in the sixties.
NNA - 6/7/2011 - Deputy Khaled Al-Daher withdrew in his intervention on Wednesday confidence from Premier Najib Mikati's government, warning of the attempts to drag the army into political alignments, confirming that "national constants on top of which facing the Israeli enemy and restituting our rights are a national duty.
Life," to Newman, was shorthand for the social sphere, and all of the artists and their signature works--whether the muscular, pulsing blackness of Motherwell's "Elegies to the Spanish Republic," or Pollock's airborne, pullulating skeins, or the nimbuslike haze of Rothko's colors in the diminuendo of their soulful minor key--signify the historically localized vision of an art that turned entirely inward, restituting the self in the aftermath of the technological apogee of the atom bomb and the devil's work of Hitler's efficient slaughter.
The Under Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Medy van der Laan, has embraced much of the recommendation of the Advisory Committee for Restitution Applications for Items of Cultural Value and the Second World War (or Restitutions Committee), and resolved the largest outstanding claim to Nazi-looted art in the Netherlands by restituting 202 works held by the Dutch government to the heir of Jacques Goudstikker.
not restituting the land of demolished buildings and not providing for compensation.
Its recovery offers a demonstration of the unfinished nature of restituting objects to the survivors and heirs of Nazi victims.