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Third, rather than following a trajectory toward ever milder and restitutive punishment forms since the 1970s, punishment in many Western democracies has become more punitive.
By contrast, the 'virtues of respect for nature' (ecological sensitivity, care, compassion, nonmaleficence and restitutive justice) are justified in Sandler's model in non-eudaimonist terms.
244) Victims often care more for their own pressing socioeconomic needs, partly made worse by the impact of the atrocities, and thus for restitutive justice.
The punishment of anti-social and criminal behaviours was based upon principles of restitutive justice that aimed at reconstituting social solidarity through compensation and reconciliation"
And, correspondingly, that force used in response to aggression--such as defensive, restitutive, or retaliatory/retributive force--is justified.
Restitutive re- and the first phase syntax/semantics of the VP.
It will be a thread in what follows that in 1798 his poetry is divided in this way--fundamentally dependent upon Dorothy's restitutive and cooperative presence, as well as conditioned by fear of the consuming nature of that same unconditional love.
VKS ruled that the Act for Declaring the Estates of the Families of the Former Kings Ferdinand and Boris and their Heirs State Property promulgated in 1947 declared unconstitutional in 1998 had no restitutive effect.
The proposed solution is specific to Holocaust-era restitution, not only because of the horrific circumstances of the Holocaust, and not only because of the unmanageably large diaspora of Jewish people after the war and equally complicated dispersal of the people's art and cultural property; but because the evolution of cultural property and art law has promoted the development of preventative measures to the extent that restitutive efforts are no longer a pressing issue stemming from recent international conflicts.
Yet just at this belated moment South Africans had been offered democracy, and its accompanying restitutive and reform-oriented measures, often with a strong racial underpinning.