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Asfandyar Wali said those who create restiveness in the country, are in fact enemy of the country and such elements have no ideology and religion.
Increased restiveness was recorded overnight, including the ejection of glowing rocks from the summit and dozens of low-frequency volcanic earthquakes.
And furthermore, acording to Osalor (2012), this rising tide and the fear of a bleak future among the youth in Africa have made them vulnerable to the manipulations of agent's provocateurs, and therefore it is clearly evident that the absence of job opportunities in developing countries is responsible for youth restiveness, resulting in disastrous consequences (Nnodim, 2012).
Another factor that has boosted the banking sector is, sadly, the continuing political restiveness in the region.
Youth restiveness and pipeline vandalism in the volatile Niger Delta region, the site of the nation's oil wealth, have led to a shortfall in output over the years.
The second is a technology that detects and visualizes conditions such as restiveness or sleeplessness, which demand further attention.
The Saudis think Iran is behind the restiveness of Bahrain's majority Shiites (it isn't), and sent troops into Bahrain to shore up the Sunni monarchy.
For Mr Putin, Crimea would be a dazzling acquisition, and would help cement his authority with a Russian citizenry that has in recent years shown signs of restiveness and still resents the loss of the sprawling empire Moscow ruled in Soviet times.
So the big question now is whether Putin will seize on the restiveness of Russians in Crimea (and eastern Ukrainian cities such as Kharkiv) to recover parts of former Soviet territory, as he did with Georgia's Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions after the 2008 war.
And there is mounting restiveness in several major cities over increases in urban transport fares.
The restiveness of his black peers made him aware that the tide of things was going against Afrikaners nationally, and made him fear that bigger changes might be in the offing.
There is something about the 'time of the world' in which we find ourselves that is conducive to restiveness and self-searching, though not necessarily-not at all necessarily--to weariness or cynicism.