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According to John Zhang, Adaptive Broadband's senior vice president-global business development, "ICBC selected the MIDAS system because it provides maximum performance and reliability for both circuit restoral and bandwidth on demand.
Our studies show that most decision makers will overlook trilling differences in price if reliability and quick restoral of service are guaranteed.
For critical customers who need immediate service restoral, Engage offers an automatic protection switching option called Link Protector, that is permanently installed at the customers premise.
5 million over the life cycle of the antenna system," noted Art Reiff, the deputy PM DCATS, "but will help ensure the continuation of long-haul reachback communications supporting key strategic, restoral terminal, contingency and classified missions.
The Sonet system being deployed by New Jersey Bell promises to enable the company to provide voice, data and video services in hours rather than days and to ensure nearly instantaneous restoral if service is disrupted.
Thirdly, it will reboot failed systems, in many cases providing instant restoral and eliminating service calls or customer intervention.
Verizon teamed up with Arizona-based Praxis Fiber to expedite the restoral of service.
for premium enterprise network services following a successful interoperability test of Comtech EF Data's Advanced VSAT Solutions and Huawei's communication equipment, comprising AR series routers, unified communications, telepresence and video monitoring equipment for emergency communications and restoral application.
Hughes Emergency Services include satellite network solutions for emergency preparedness, restoral, and post-event response designed to provide robust, expedited broadband Internet connectivity for government and business when a disaster strikes.
For those that don't, as stated above, a set of floppy disks can be used to address the drive and begin restoral.
That is done by virtue of the diversity that's in the design as well as rapid restoral activities.
Our Finance Department has mandated that we cannot lose any more than four hours of data and that we must have a four-hour restoral time window.