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According to John Zhang, Adaptive Broadband's senior vice president-global business development, "ICBC selected the MIDAS system because it provides maximum performance and reliability for both circuit restoral and bandwidth on demand.
Our studies show that most decision makers will overlook trilling differences in price if reliability and quick restoral of service are guaranteed.
As part of its overall risk management program, Telesat had established an emergency committee charged with decision-making capability and the management of service restoral to customers in the event of a satellite or ground equipment failure.
The operator will utilize the equipment to support the further build out of a Vipersat-powered unified national emergency telecommunications and network restoral platform in the Asia-Pacific region.
These antennas provide long-haul reachback communications supporting strategic, restoral terminal, contingency and classified missions in strategic MILSATCOM terminal systems, including the AN/TSC-86C, AN/TSC-86D, AN/TSC-86E, AN/GSC-49, AN/GSC-52A(V)5 and AN/GSC-52A(V)6.
The whole paradigm is changing, such that there will be a tremendous need for reliable removable storage; for online data restoral, as well as for a reliable backup device," Potts concluded.
It can be programmed to restore data based on control signals or loss of data and has an on-board clock that can be used to block the restoral function on weekends or off-hours.
This radio network will allow continuity of operation and restoral of services even when a facility is otherwise cutoff from terrestrial, cellular and satellite services.
Hughes Emergency Services include satellite network solutions for emergency preparedness, restoral, and post-event response designed to provide robust, expedited broadband Internet connectivity for government and business when a disaster strikes.
In addition to the new support for mobile devices, the monthly fee is cheaper than the industry standard of 15 cents per GB and incorporates a Restore Wizard feature to aid in data restoral.