restoration of harmony

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Yet President Bouteflika, who was able to achieve further breakthroughs, paused before the regional wager represented in the restoration of harmony to the capitals of North Africa within the framework of the Arab Maghreb Union.
During his meeting with Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan Sharat Sabarwal in Punjab House, Nawaz said Pakistan is playing a key role in the restoration of harmony in the region despite being a victim of terrorism, sources said.
However, the plot has included such painful and harsh elements that the restoration of harmony is difficult to assent to.
The restoration of harmony, order and balance requires a payment to satisfy the offended honor of God.
Brenaa saw this as a tale of the dangers of extremes and the restoration of harmony, and told it deftly and with an underlying subtlety that is missing from the current staging.
The focus is on problem-solving and restoration of harmony.