restore equilibrium

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7) contains nourishing green tea balm to restore equilibrium and energy.
Another offering, the Thousand-Flower Detox Wrap, AED 550, contains nourishing green tea balm to restore equilibrium and energy.
This tells the brain to activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the nervous and immune systems, which presses "pause" on stress and inflammation and helps the body restore equilibrium.
Vitamins will be transferred through the drips REVIV helps restore equilibrium through vitamin and antioxidantinfused treatments to combat and treat the effects of factors such as dehydration, strenuous physical activity, ageing, fatigue and hangovers.
Majeed agreed that consumers who are unable to sleep or are suffering from stress/anxiety are turning to supplements that may help restore equilibrium by improving mood, sleep and regulating stress levels.
Recovery and rejuvenation: To restore equilibrium by recovering lost nutrients, fluids and depleted energy levels.
The adjustment of the money supply can supposedly eliminate the negative effect of a nominal demand collapse or of a rise in money demand, and restore equilibrium.
The discussions during tomorrow's meeting will focus on ways to restore equilibrium between supply and demand and serve the interests of oil consumers and exporters," the minister pointed out.
It rectifies the fact that ECM holds convergence property and will restore equilibrium shortly.
It is further claimed to take effect within three to five minutes to restore equilibrium and balance.
As his allies prepare to take power, with a strong mandate from Thailand's countryside and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra as prime minister-elect, they must tread lightly to restore equilibrium to a polarized nation and avoid any turbulent backlash from the military-backed elite in Bangkok that they have challenged.