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I've looked at the matter from every point of view--and I've been driven to the conclusion that it is my duty to tell Leslie that I believe it is possible that Dick can be restored to himself; there my responsibility ends.
And yet you rescued me from a strange and perilous situation; you have benevolently restored me to life.
Billina, having restored all of the royal family of Ev to their proper forms, now began to select the green ornaments which were the transformations of the people of Oz.
Ozma eagerly assisted the hen in her quest, and soon the Scarecrow and the machine man, being ornaments of shining gold, were discovered and restored to their accustomed forms.
Napoleon rode on, dreaming of the Moscow that so appealed to his imagination, and "the bird restored to its native fields" galloped to our outposts, inventing on the way all that had not taken place but that he meant to relate to his comrades.
Though the company's reputation is based on their brownstone work, they have restored close to 100 different types of buildings--a large percentage of them landmarked--throughout the tri-state region.
With this growth in importance comes an increasingly daunting challenge for IT administrators--ensuring that in the event of errors or failures, email can be recovered and restored as soon as possible.
We're devoted to the idea that the O'Shaughnessy Dam can be taken down, the Hetch Hetchy Valley restored, and the water and power needs of San Francisco Bay Area people met in other ways," says Ron Good, executive director of the grassroots group Restore Hetch Hetchy.
If you do not want the data restored to the original locations or would like to replace existing files, click on the Advanced button.
We're attempting to understand what the water levels and flows were like in predevelopment days so those conditions could be restored in the conservation areas and public lands in the region," says McPherson.