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TO RESTORE. To return what has been unjustly taken; to place the owner of a thing in the state in which he formerly was. By restitution is understood not only the return of the thing itself, but all its accessories. It is to return the thing and its fruits. Dig. 60, 16, 35, 75 et 246, Sec. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"It was good fun to do and TV pays better than French polishing." "The series also features someone who does reupholstery down the road from us, a leather restorer from Anglesey and Nick Elphick the artist in Llandudno.
But he said: "I'd be astonished if we won Restorer of the Year as a Mini is so commonplace."
The potential restorers and maintainers were identified and presented in Table 3.
The mean squares for hybrids, CMS lines, restorers, CMS lines x restorers, and for their interactions with the environments were statistically significant at P = 0.05 or 0.01 for leaf glossiness and trichome density on abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces, except the mean squares for environments x CMS lines for trichomes on the abaxial leaf surface (Table 5).
May I suggest the excellent Liverpool Conservation centrelocated in Queen Square, Liverpool, telephone number 0151 207 0001 who are very helpful and if they cannot carry out the restoration will certainly recommend a restorer.
Nearly every art constituency--art historians, journalists, officials, restorers, the general public--has rallied around the Sistine and other high-profile restorations.
Chief restorer Elisabetta Zatti said the fingerprint along with stylistic similarities, made scholars think of Leonardo.
The hair restorer and hair growth stimulant market in Japan, long in the doldrums, has become active with the marketing of allegedly powerful products by pharmaceutical and cosmetics makers.
Fittingly, China is the site of sophisticated experiments with a biological cleanup system known as the Restorer, designed by the nonprofit Ocean Arks International of Burlington, Vermont.
Once restorers drain or pump water out of a flooded building, the walls, carpets, and furniture remain saturated.
So, when the restorers of Hank's house decided to rebuild his front porch, they chose a material that would last as long as his music.
Although restorers sometimes use lasers to bust dirt off museum pieces, they haven't embraced them widely, especially not for paintings.