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TO RESTORE. To return what has been unjustly taken; to place the owner of a thing in the state in which he formerly was. By restitution is understood not only the return of the thing itself, but all its accessories. It is to return the thing and its fruits. Dig. 60, 16, 35, 75 et 246, Sec. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For these reasons, the old tape-based backup and restore operations no longer meet today's business requirements.
In the event of data corruption or data loss, users can roll the state back to the last snapshot or the last uncorrupted snapshot and restore. According to Randy Kerns, an analyst with the Evaluator Group, "With snapshots, you do not have to take your application out of service."
Data needs to be fully protected in the face of growing data volumes, the demand for shorter restore windows, and reduced storage expenditures.
The most current, complete and safe backups in the world are useless if they cannot be used to restore lost data.
Because of file-by-file recovery limitations, alternative methods of backup have been devised that circumvent key file-by-file recovery limitations when attempting to restore an OS partition or disk.
A fundamental problem with backup and restore involves compromising between fast backups and accurate restores.
Starting on Veterans Day through the weekend, all veterans and their families will receive a 10 percent off discount on their entire purchase at the Durham and Orange County ReStore. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore asks that customers bring a military ID or proof of service.
It is essential that you protect Exchange from a total system failure and are able to restore a complete Exchange database.
The episodes are linguistically and symbolically interwoven, and in interpreting them the point is not so much to see the three characters as one but rather to perceive the connection between the divine power operative through Jesus to heal and restore in Galilee and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
If the original problem persists, you'll need to take more dramatic action--launching a function that's called System Restore. Every 24 hours, or whenever significant changes are made to your computer, XP makes a copy of all the essential controlling software--except the data files.
Finally, there is a major initiative to restore a sense of identity to its historic heart, with Barkow Leibinger (former Emerging Architecture Award winners, AR December 2001) commissioned to design a cultural complex in the city centre.
The combination of BrightStor ARCserve and Diamond VT presents Computer Associates' users with a proven solution for achieving faster backups and restores while maintaining their existing backup procedure."