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Using all of this information, the panel grouped the Blue Mountain river-basin ecosystems into three categories, from most altered to least altered, and suggested the following strategies for restoring forest health:
With active archiving, users no longer need to restore all archived data for the sake of restoring a small subset of the data.
While image backup is designed to restore an entire partition as fast as possible, it also allows restoring single files, provided this option was enabled during the backup phase.
It also is a critical first step in restoring an important place within our home country to a more natural state.
With the slow performance of tape-based backup, restoring operations can take many hours even under optimal circumstances.
RestoreIT removes the lost productivity associated with accidental deletions, overwrites, virus attacks and Windows crashes by instantly restoring lost files.
Just as backing up to disk is faster, restoring from disk is also faster.
By providing the fastest method for recovering and restoring messages from HP Data Protector, PowerControls makes it easier for users of this popular email backup solution to meet compliance requirements.
Each firm had spotty procedures and systems around retaining and restoring email data.
Using MLR's selective filtering, administrators can save time, money and resources by restoring only selected mailboxes or emails, instead of having to restore the entire Exchange, Domino or GroupWise databases.
LiveVault uses a shoebox-size NAS for restoring large amounts of data in your network.
On a daily basis we help Mac OS X users work through the challenges they face in backing up and restoring their data," said Tim Jones, president and CTO of TOLIS Group.