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RESTRAINING. Narrowing down, making less extensive; as, a restraining statute, by which the common law is narrowed down or made less extensive in its operation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Justice Khan adjourned further hearing till May 23 and temporarily restrained the respondents from misusing the public funds or property.
Ford recommends that dog owners should fit a cage in the back of their car or restrain the animal with a harness to keep them safe - a requirement which is legally enforceable in some countries.
He was brutally restrained in, of all places, a hospital setting."
restrained as to property she presently possesses or debts (narrowly
Mr Marchant, made redundant by the Trust in December 2012, said he first became aware in 2010 of an increasing number of requests by medical staff for security guards to restrain patients.
Senior advocate Vikas Singh, appearing for controversial spiritual guru, submitted before the bench that media should be restrained from doing a trial otherwise he will not get a fair trial.
Upon intervention, officers typically deploy less lethal force techniques in an attempt to control and restrain these individuals.
A drunk passenger onboard a Singapore Airlines flight to New Zealand was restrained by the British Police Rugby League team who were on board, travelling on a rugby tour.
In a memo to staff in BA's internal magazine Cabin Crew News, Safety and Evacuation Systems head Simon Packer writes: "Last year BA handcuffs were used to restrain 17 people but 255 handcuffs went missing!!!
The failure of campaign finance reform further restrains Catholic political power.
* the home address of the petitioner and the address of any other place where the respondent is specifically restrained from contacting the petitioner
He had asked the court to restrain the respondents from unauthorised and illegal use of the title, script, characters, dialogues, poetry, style, songs, music, besides registeration and exhibition of the work deceptively similar to the original film.