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defined) is also restrained, but we shall leave that to one side for the
It has been suggested that food-focussed schemas not only exist in clinical eating-disordered patients (see Mizes and Christiano 1995, for a review) but also characterize restrained eaters (Hoffmeister et al.
The report must also include whether students were secluded in a locked room, if any students or staff were injured during the incident and whether staff members who restrained or secluded the student were trained.
Restrained eating refers to the consistent, cognitively mediated effort to restrict eating for the purpose of weight control (Herman & Mack, 1975; Kong et al.
It can be speculated that the participants in that age group might have worked more shifts and restrained more than the other age groups or they worked less shifts; participated less in restraining and hence forgot how to use the recommended restraining techniques.
The control dilemma in eating behavior: Influence of temptation cues in restrained versus unrestrained eaters
CUIRE along with S&B Technical Products held two seminars titled "Municipal Applications for Internally Restrained PVC Pipes" on June 10 and Aug.
Mr McCormick held Mr Jenner in a headlock while other men restrained him as they waited for police to arrive at the Bootle takeaway.
Britney, 27, has been under her father's conservatorship since she was famously pictured restrained by the ankle in an ambulance and hospitalised last year.
Lohan was recently restrained by five bodyguards when she tried to gatecrash into Ronson's party at her house.
A youth custody officer who restrained a Midland teenager's head on the night he died had previously been investigated for his use of pain distraction techniques on children, an inquest heard yesterday.