restraining device

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This means that while the loading door is open there is no way the vehicle can move; only when the loading door is closed can the restraining device be removed.
Jim Moriarty, a Houston lawyer, detailed reports of torturous procedures at corporate-run clinics, in which children as young as 2 are immobilized, sometimes with a restraining device called a papoose, while the dentist inserts multiple stainless steel caps or performs root canals rapidly.
It's only in the prototype stage at present, but an application has been made to appear on the BBC programme Dragon's Den and, with luck my Tortohold restraining device will be patented and in all reputable pet shops soon.
45-caliber automatic pistol, bullets, pepper spray, pocket knife, flexible restraining device for legs, two pairs of rubber gloves, safety goggles
DENTAL DEVICES A Tongue Restraining Device which grips to the teeth and opens the airway behind the tongue.
However, connectivity issues are restraining device manufacturers and clinical systems vendors from being proactive in integrating medical devices with IT.
A defendant moved to prohibit the use of a restraining device known as a "stun belt" during his trial.
They are referring not to the electric chair, but to a restraining device that has led to many serious abuses, including torture and death.
I was interested in hypertrophy, how a form can grow productively under a self-imposed resistance, so I wore a restraining device to make drawings.
For a moment I thought BMW had invented a new restraining device for their alloy wheels, but realised you meant "one kerbed alloy".