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However, it is essentially important to restrengthen relatively weaker social reintegration which can be instrumental in facilitating relationship between ex-combatants and communities at local level.
In 1990, in the wake of two consecutive deficit years totaling nearly $1 million, the Treasury Management Association (TMA) adopted a mission and strategic plan to restrengthen the organization.
We are very happy to have Doug join us to lead the charge to re-establish HMX as a leading North American clothing company and restrengthen its brands," said Nitin Kasliwal, Chairman of HMX, LLC and Vice Chairman of SKNL, one of India's largest textile and apparel companies.
But the storm was expected to restrengthen over warm Caribbean waters to a hurricane again by the time it's expected to thread the needle Thursday between Cuba and Jamaica.
However, premium growth in life and health reinsurance will largely depend on Cologne Re's ability to restrengthen its franchise in North America following the Unicover losses.
There are some concerns that it would head back out to sea and reform or restrengthen.