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"Our restricted monkeys are healthier than the conventionally red controls," says researcher Richard Weindruch.
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois analyzed the constitutional rights of a supervisory employee in a police department to cohabit with a subordinate and determined that the department legitimately restricted the officer's relationship.
Some 75% of individuals born with restricted growth have two parents of average height.
We restricted access in Pakistan to items reported by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) as allegedly violating local laws prohibiting blasphemy, harassment, anti-judiciary content and condemnation of the country's independence," it said.
Typically, a company will simply add the Black-Scholes value of any options and restricted stock to the value of any cash compensation provided by their peers, and provide the same total value to their own executives.
TradeSphere Restricted-Party Screening 2.4: Automation of restricted-party screening for compliance with government laws; screens more than 57,000 restricted names on more than 40 entity lists.
* Will one of the standard Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) levels of data rights ("unlimited," "government purpose," "limited," or "restricted") be acceptable, or do the data rights need to be specifically tailored and negotiated for this procurement?
338) enacted in Louisiana will require that certain information produced by the state's Department of Environmental Quality be restricted from distribution or dissemination via the Internet.
The new provision also restricts the funding of nonqualified deferred compensation plans.
First, the Korea Media Rating Board would give the offending title a "restricted" rating.
However, granting restricted stock presents both tax opportunities--and pitfalls--for the company and the employee.