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In each instance, the SAS presents the rationale for restricting the use of the report.
Law enforcement managers should ensure that policies restricting employee relationships between women and men are stated clearly and are enforced consistently.
By restricting development within cities' spheres of influence, the initiative could make it more difficult for cities to effectively plan for future growth and prevent sprawl, and it encourages premature annexations and development into adjacent cities where building densities are much higher, contradicting the initiative's stated goals of preserving open space and minimizing development," said Lindsay.
For any type of vehicle, Santa Clarita city law restricts parking on city streets to a maximum of 72 hours at a stretch and prohibits it during particular hours in some areas, but there is no citywide ordinance restricting RV parking in residential neighborhoods.
Roth, writing for the panel in November, cited the Supreme Court's 1978 decision restricting radio broadcasts of comedian George Carlin's ``Seven Dirty Words'' monologue.
The authority also provided 2003 bondholders with a negative additional debt covenant restricting the issuance of additional debt until 50% of the airlines (by landed weight) sign a new lease agreement.
In his announcement restricting homeowner access to the plan, Quackenbush argued that his decision was necessary to protect consumers from the risk of not getting paid for their FAIR Plan claims.