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Caloric restriction works differently in people from the way it does in rodents; restricting protein consumption is important to achieve maximal health benefits, according to Dr.
The impact of CIPA on students without a home computer and use the library for Internet access would mean placing limits on the free-flow of information by restricting access to websites that are blocked.
1.1361-1(l)(1) requires all outstanding shares of stock to confer identical rights to distribution and liquidation proceeds, buy-sell agreements among shareholders, agreements restricting the transferability of stock and redemption agreements generally are disregarded in determining whether a corporation's outstanding stock confers identical distribution and liquidation rights, unless a principal purpose of the agreement is to circumvent the one-class-of-stock requirement of Sec.
By restricting land use through a conservation easement, the value of the land drops to $200,000.
Customers really seem focused on restricting product orders or categories, as opposed to locking out individual vendors or products.
The available management strategies typically include precertification, a tiered co-payment system, restricting prescriptions to a provider specialty, retrospective physician profiling, and physician education.
Grey recognizes that traditional First Amendment jurisprudence prohibits the government from restricting speech on the basis of content and viewpoint, except in very limited and long-recognized areas, such as defamation, obscenity, and threats.