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The restrictive measures against Belarus were first introduced in 2004 in response to the disappearance of the four persons referred to above.
Ronald 'Bato' dela Rosa said he would immediately put Marcos and his subordinates under restrictive custody.
The department recognized the need to relieve staff stress and the pressure of working solely with restrictive housing offenders by creating a general population housing unit at the prison.
In order for a restrictive covenant to be enforceable by an employer it must be reasonable, taking into account the interests of both parties as well as the public interest.
But what does the business world think of a world where restrictive covenants are banned?
In an effort to (a) support the continued and extended use of PBIS in these settings; (b) focus on the utility of PBIS as a method of prevention, in particular as a means to address the school-to-prison pipeline phenomenon of more restrictive placements and possible incarceration; and (c) provide resources and research directions for the field, we have assembled articles that address implementation of PBIS in AE settings across the tiers and provide lessons learned from research and implementation.
By virtue of sections 4 and 5 of the Law, following a recommendation by the Governor and with the consent of the Governor, the following restrictive measures are imposed on credit institutions that are included in the catalogue: (a) All cashless payments or transfers of deposits/funds from a credit institution that is not included in the catalogue to an international customer of a credit institution included in the catalogue or to such a credit institution's own account are considered as cashless payments or transfers of deposits/funds to accounts held abroad and are subject to the provisions of any other Decree issued under the Law.
Restrictive covenants have been deliberately used to prevent another company or individual re-opening and attempting to make a success of a closed pub.
Many properties are subject to restrictive covenants - a promise by one person to another, for example a buyer of land and a seller to do or not to do something on the property.
Much of the academic and policy discourse on restrictive measures is concerned with its effectiveness, such as whether particular measures delay or reduce transmission, (3,6-8) how measures ought to be evaluated, (8) and what constitutes an effective intervention.
1 Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (RC) is defined as a heart muscle disease that results in impaired ventricular filling, with normal or decreased diastolic volume of either or both ventricles.
The most recent example of this mystifying failure of restrictive firearms licensing took place in the Netherlands on April 9 of this year.