restrictive practice

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Restrictive practices are more likely to be used in response to behaviours of some of the most vulnerable people in our community people with disability, older people, people living with psychosocial disability and children and young people.
The information has been released in conjunction with the Towards Elimination of Restrictive Practices 11th National Forum, held in Perth this week.
It is time to resist restrictive practices of LNG suppliers which may reduce effective costs and risks on the part of the buyer.
According to the statement, further functions of the Commission include, among others: initiate broad-based policies and review economic activities in Nigeria to identify anti-competitive, anti-consumer protection and restrictive practices which may adversely affect the economic interest of consumers and make rules and regulations under this Act and any other enactment with regards to competitions and protection of consumers;
He said there were "too many instances" of landlords using restrictive practices to get vacant possession of tenanted land.
Having worked in shipbuilding from 1951 to 1967 I witnessed the industry's demise created by unions' short-sighted restrictive practices and damaging demarcations that accelerated the closure of our two Teesside shipyards.
Angering the teaching union bosses indicates the minister is doing something right because they represent the forces of reaction in public education, protecting privileges and restrictive practices. Nothing will change for the better without a confrontation with the unions that have ensured we have a public education system primarily serving teachers while the interests of schoolchildren are relegated to minor importance.
In September 2017, Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo and his Tanzanian counterpart Adolf Mugenda agreed to open up borders and do away with the restrictive practices. They also agreed to form a joint committee that will smoothen the flow of goods between the countries.
Many Jewish holidays impose great difficulties on the Palestinians living under Israel's military occupation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem, as these are usually accompanied by such cordons and other restrictive practices. All such abusive and oppressive actions against the Palestinians are justified by "securing the celebrations of the settlers".
Much of the decline in industries such as shipbuilding, motor manufacturing and dock work was because of restrictive practices in the 1950s and 60s, dare I say it, by union barons.
While efforts are underway among various regulators to remove such barriers to FDI in services sector, WTO is also concerned that bilateral arrangements between some regulators could lead to restrictive practices that limit free competition.
EIGHT major British tyre manufacturers were each ordered to pay PS10,000 by the Restrictive Practices Court for contempt.