restrictive practice

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was found to have engaged in restrictive practices at the wholesale level, by providing wholesalers with significant economic motives that promote exclusivity and by exercising pressure on them not to trade or introduce competing products.
The prospect of privatisation created the hope that Limassol port would enter a new era, an era in which it was run by competent management that would do away with the porters' restrictive practices, make it competitive and efficient and attract new business.
The difference was in the Japanese working methods which did not have the restrictive practices which regularly caused machines in Lucas's factory to lie idle for hours.
The restrictive practices of the consultants' closed shop should be ended and greater emphasis given to the creation of multi-discipline teams.
Which makes today's superinjunctions one of the most restrictive practices in British history.
SIR - So, dealing with local matters is naughty ("AM broke rules through cross-constituency work", Feb 3) if it "belongs" to someone else - talk about restrictive practices.
For too long, unfair, restrictive practices have been forced on retailers.
Gul underlined importance of restrictive practices in reciprocal trips of Turkish and Kazakh citizens, and said Turkey was ready to fulfil its responsibilities.
When the Tories were in the ascendency Margaret Thatcher's view that 'there is no such thing as society' ensured that investment went anywhere but into UK industry, and when Labour was in power unions' restrictive practices made British products uncompetitive.
I think most fair-minded people would agree that it was Arthur Scargill that was responsible due to his restrictive practices at the time.
He was able to sidestep the restrictive practices of some US studios, sending them off to a non-union studio in Alabama and joining them himself on Wild Horses on the album Sticky Fingers, released in 1971.
Italian giant Eni will be penalized by the European Commission for restrictive practices regarding the transport of gas through pipelines from Russia and northern Europe, according to reports.