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Protection of personal data and the right to privacy are put under one umbrella at the ECHR, where the European Court on Human Rights had earlier decided that the protection of personal data is covered by the right to respect to private life, and it has also ruled that the later right must not be interpreted restrictively.
interprets the Vienna Convention restrictively at home but liberally overseas, in order to shield even the military and intelligence contractors it sends abroad.
Bureaucrats purposely wrote the regulations so restrictively that even the smallest changes (a common occurrence) would disqualify the policies.
The Bank of England has shifted its flagship credit easing initiative away from households to focus entirely on supporting business lending, amid continuing concern that borrowing costs for small firms are restrictively high and a bounce in mortgage demand risks fuelling a housing bubble.
In July this year His Honour Judge McMullen QC of the EAT found that TULRCA, intended to bring into effect the European Collective Redundancies Directive, was worded too restrictively.
Public intellectuals, from this point of view, expand "the restrictively national scale of public" and, in so doing, they help "re-set the boundaries of the relevant moral community so that those likely to be affected by a course of action, wherever they live, are included among those invited to debate it" (15).
8220;What is articulated on Canvas restrictively resonates in our minds.
Expenditure will be cut in all government programmes in a tailor-made way and departing staff will be replaced more restrictively.
36) Further, the Supreme Court has admonished "that the statute should be construed not technically and restrictively, but flexibly to effectuate its remedial purposes.
This way managerial performance is measured by restrictively retaining only the elements which can be controlled by them.
First and foremost, in a broad sense the gathering of the faithful is a synod; then, more restrictively and specifically, the assembly of the bishops and patriarchs is a synod.
While eight cantons, including Geneva, already have a total ban on indoor smoking in workplaces such as restaurants and bars, and public spaces like hospitals, the remaining 18 cantons apply the law less restrictively.