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In light of all of these formidable obstacles facing foreign creditors when working on restructurings in the emerging markets, foreign creditors would be well advised to focus on developing comprehensive and cohesive strategies for managing the restructuring process.
94-8, Accounting for Conversion of a Loan into a Debt Security in a Debt Restructuring, addresses an issue that may arise in debt restructuring transactions in the future due to the application of FASB Statement no.
While the changes associated with the restructurings captured the public's attention, significant developments were occurring elsewhere during the last half of the decade.
With insolvency and restructuring being a hot topic in today's financial climate, the 10th edition of the Global Insolvency & Restructuring Review will provide the reader with far-reaching discussion and analysis of the ongoing changes in insolvency and restructuring within the global market through a series of in-depth and informative chapters contributed by leading market professionals.
This EITF issue, Changes to Fixed Employee Stock Option Plans as a Result of Equity Restructuring, illustrates the applicability of APB Opinion no.
If what I have outlined earlier is a generally accurate description of the causes of the surge in restructurings of the past decade, one would assume that a stabilization of interest rates, exchange rates, and product prices would slow the emergence of newly misaligned companies and opportunities for further restructuring.
Morawetz was a senior partner with a major international accounting firm in Toronto, and brings more than 25 years of turnaround and restructuring experience.
The majority of respondents expect an increase in restructurings to begin towards the end of 2007/early 2008, following an extended period of high liquidity and bankers' decisions to waive covenant breaches.
A pioneer in the nascent corporate restructuring industry at the time of its inception in 1983, Alvarez & Marsal has advanced concepts associated with corporate renewal, and was also among the first specialist turnaround firms to expand its global reach in Europe in 2000, followed by the opening of offices in Asia and Latin America.
As an operationally-focused firm, Phoenix Capital assists distressed and growth-oriented companies with complex transactions including re-financings, restructurings, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations and auctions in the context of a bankruptcy.
Founded in 1983, Alvarez & Marsal is the leading independent global professional services firm specializing in providing turnaround management and restructuring, performance improvement and corporate advisory services.
NEW YORK -- Affiliation Combines Respective Strengths of the Leading Independent Global Professional Services Firm and Australia's Top Independent Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Firm