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During the term in which the first author taught a CAPSI-assisted senior-level psychology course, low levels of student persistence indicated that the restudies may be serving a punitive function.
The dependent variables include the number of students who requested tests, number of cancelled tests, number of tests passed, number of restudies, and the percentage of students who attempted unit tests, per week in the course.
and he will remain such until a competent forensic specialist restudies the skeleton and disagrees," they hold.
This is that the books by Jack and Sulamith Potter, respectively Thai Peasant Social Structure (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1976) and Family Life in a Northern Thai Village: A Study in the Structural Significance of Women (Berkeley & Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1977), released under the prestigious imprints of the university presses of Chicago and California (and therefore more widely circulated outside of Thailand than Kingshill's book), are restudies of Ku Daeng -- the same village that Kingshill had begun to study 17 years before the Potters arrived for their comparatively brief forays into Northern Thailand ethnography (field work October 1971 to November 1972).
The author restudies these 140 pieces in great detail and provides parallels from excavations published after the original Samaria report.