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Suhair Al-Darraj, an economic expert, said the Kingdom will see a substantial economic transformation as per the directives of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Investment Authority, to restudy commercial regulations and encourage the role of global companies in the Saudi market.
If the governor wants to restudy the decision to amend it, then things will never get done.
NNA - The Committee for Defense of Old Tenants' rights demanded a restudy of the tenements' law during an enlarged meeting held in Msaytbeh today.
The need of the hour is to restudy the trends of radicalism and not to limit it to a particular community or country.
The King sent a letter to Prime Minister, Abdullah Ensour, ordering the government to send the bill to the constitutional court to verify its constitutionality and restudy the draft again with full objectivity and transparency while taking into consideration the current difficult economic hardships the Kingdom is experiencing.
Rather than delay that volume (Gor-dion I) further, it was decided that Simpson would undertake a thorough restudy of the evidence.
A restudy of John Ward-Perkins's survey (Archaeological Monograph 19).
Per the extension study protocol, 59 patients were evaluated clinically at 24 months, and, of those, 41 agreed to have a restudy by OCT.
The cabinet also formed a committee to restudy the standing contract forms in this regard, stressing on work to establish a general body for the protection of oil facilities.
Parliament chairman Dr Khalifa Al Dhahrani said the government had to restudy the subsidies system altogether to protect future generations.
The previous deadline given by SA was Dec 15, 2012, but the BHP board in mid-August said it needs to restudy the expansion plans and admitted the miner could not meet the deadline.