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Through his friendship with William Morris, he could restudy W.
gives better detail than a description can." Here, we restudy the holotype and only known specimen which, in fact, cannot even be identified as an arachnid.
If students do not reach the mastery criterion then they restudy the information and retake the unit test as many times as it takes for them to demonstrate mastery of the material.
In subsequent action, the mandate was postponed indefinitely, but a requirement to restudy the issue by 2011 was inserted into law.
The May meeting will be held to restudy the NPT adopted five years ago in which the signatory countries clearly pledged to abolish nuclear arms.
Jay Brickman, vice-president for Cuban and Mexican services at Crowley Liner Services in Jacksonville, Fla., said his company, which has been sailing to Cuba since 1954, began to restudy the Cuban market in 1978.
Actually, the Joint Expedition's initiative was already a restudy of the site of Samaria, first excavated in 1908-10 by a Harvard University expedition and itself fully published (Reisner, Fisher, and Lyon 1924).
It asked the pertinent rules committees to restudy the issue and make recommendations by April 1, 2004.
However, broad support within the agency for implementing this plan could not be achieved, and an executive steering team was recently established to restudy the issue.
``But I would ask them to restudy the facts of the case - the three previous years I was at Swansea were good.''
It is a classic Scorsese gesture, in fact, that his preparation for "Gangs" included a restudy of Russian montage from the '20s in the films of Eisenstein, Dovzhenko, Dziga Vertov and others--and repeated screenings of Fuller's high-charged account of New York journalism, "Park Row."