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The paradigm provided the dependent measurements of the study, which consisted of the JOLs' magnitude, the JOLs' relative and absolute accuracy, the score of cued-recall, time allocated to restudying the pairs, and correlations between the time of restudy and JOLs between time of restudy and cued-recall.
Al-Dhahrani reiterated his gratitude to His Royal Highness the Prime Minister and applauded the Premier's resolution in favour of a restudying of the diesel price hike in order for a decision to be taken in this regard as soon as possible.
Al-Dardari also said that Syria is restudying the Syrian-European Partnership Agreement and its effects on Syrian economy with care.
The company's president of gas and power, Philippe Boisseau, says: "We are restudying the project.
Final report of the Subcommission on Silurian Stratigraphy Restudying the Global Stratotype for the base of the Silurian: a report of the restudy of the defined Global Stratotype of the base of the Silurian System.
This year, the company is restudying its organizational structure and its depth chart.
It was their first large public building, and on its planning and construction they lavished eight years, studying and restudying its details.
For example, there was a potential bias introduced by restudying the same patients as they remained on the ventilator more than one day.
It's amazing to me to see the resources dumped into restudying and forever debating how documentation is compromising direct care when, in fact, it's intended to improve resident outcomes.
government has proposed restudying its return method under its military reorganization plans worldwide, raising hopes among local people for Futenma's early return to Japan.
Admittedly, getting the message just moments before walking on stage doesn't give us much time to respond--though many a performance has indeed been saved backstage, ten minutes before curtain time, by someone listening carefully to the nerves and restudying a specific spot that was mentally shaky.
Humanity is becoming more important, that's why countries like Singapore are now restudying Confucius.