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The restyling was not limited to the one-piece side cover but also the other was re-designed accordingly by increasing the threaded holes to eight to give the same torsional rigidity and 45 degree rotation.
The company has been restyling itself as a pure player in the wines and spirits business since striking a deal in December 2000 with Diageo PLC to buy the former Seagram drinks business from Vivendi Universal for $8.
It's designed to make a defining statement marking the success of Newport at the river edge while restyling the entire Jersey City skyline.
Heavily influenced by both Plautus and Lucian, Giovanni Pontano's Charon has twelve scenes and antiphonal choruses of guilty and innocent shades; the work features the Lucianic restyling of Dante's savage boatman Charon as an amateur philosopher, a tour of dead souls, and a peroration by a soul who opines that laughter is the only wisdom.
Despite some heavy restyling of the exterior during the `60s, the concert hall, alone of the buildings making up the concentration of culture on the South Bank, has a perceptibly benign presence.
He says the restyling agency aspect is unique for the north of England and people can even take in their old clothes for Hardy to restyle with them.
The restyling of the Wish minivan is the first in six years.
The purchased assets include Modern Tire Dealer (MTD), Auto Trim & Restyling News (ATRN) and Truck Accessory News (TAN).
In a related development, Daihatsu unveiled the restyled Mira featuring an updated front-grill design, in the first restyling of the model in four years.