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When a general, unable to estimate the enemy's strength, allows an inferior force to engage a larger one, or hurls a weak detachment against a powerful one, and neglects to place picked soldiers in the front rank, the result must be rout.
If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight, even though the ruler forbid it; if fighting will not result in victory, then you must not fight even at the ruler's bidding.
"That's the result of all our Study in Scarlet: to get them a testimonial!"
All these experiments, as regards direct results, ended in failure, though their general influence was great.
Further, the restless stirrings of his age, beginning to arouse itself from the social lethargy of centuries, appeared to him pitifully unintelligent and devoid of results. He found all modern life, as he says in 'The Scholar-Gypsy,' a
He found that one actual tendency of modern democracy was to 'let people do as they liked,' which, given the crude violence of the Populace, naturally resulted in lawlessness and therefore threatened anarchy.
To achieve these results, and to secure a note of invitation which could be shown to Lady Glyde, were the objects of my visit to Mr.
On my return to Blackwater Park (with the letter of invitation) I found that the doctor's imbecile treatment of Marian's case had led to the most alarming results. The fever had turned to typhus.
The "good gentleman" sent in this note by a street boy, and paused for results a door or two farther on.
The minor precautions which I observed in communicating with Limmeridge House are already known, so is the magnificent success of my enterprise, so are the solid pecuniary results which followed it.
Three days of labor with the spade and the sieve produced no results of the slightest importance.
"We are indebted to her for these results," the lawyer had said.