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Supply of power would remain suspended from 132KV Chakdara Grid Station on August 19 and 21, from 08:30am to 02:30pm, as resultant the consumers of 11KVBatkhela Express, Khar, Thana, AllaDand, Batkhela, Pervez Shaheed and Batkhela City feeders would face inconvenience.
A majority of these attacks and resultant casualties in May took place in Balochistan where 21 people were killed.
Benson Otieno was brought down in the box by Kibona Frank in the 32nd minute but Ochieng' thumped the resultant spot kick over the bar.
and dispersing the compound represented by the formula (I) into the rubber solidified product including the carbon black, this product containing water, while dehydrating the rubber solidified product including the carbon black to produce a wet rubber masterbatch; and (iv) adding to the resultant wet rubber masterbatch, silica and a silane coupling agent and dry-mixing these substances with each other.
L'encours des credits a enregistre au cours du premier semestre 2018 un accroissement de 7,8% (+55,762 millions de dinars) resultant essentiellement de l'accroissement des credits CT aux entreprises (+44,265 millions de dinar, soit +24,2%) ainsi que les credits aux particuliers (+22,824 millions de dinars, soit +9,0%).
An analytical expression that describes the AE resultant signal with the influence of various factors was obtained.
On the sidelines of his participation in the first session of the WFP Executive Board being held in the Italian capital Rome, Yemeni Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sa'adi held talks with the WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin over the challenges posed by the hike of the number of refugees coming from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, which are estimated at over 1 million, in addition to the resultant security and economic burden on the country.
In this case, the resultant closed loop system turns to be
"The number of incidents has declined from 2213 (with 1005 resultant deaths) in 2010 to 1415 incidents (with 415 resultant deaths) in 2012.
Then, the resultant was moved to a glass beaker as soon as possible, and the resultant was rinsed repeatedly by deionized water and collected by a centrifugation for removal of the residual reactants until no chlorine ion in washed water could be tested by the silver nitrate solution.
Par Nevine Ahmed Resultant principalement des dechets organiques et toxiques ou suite aux catastrophes naturelles, la pollution marine parvient aussi a polluer tout l'environnement marin et sous-marin, notamment les ecosystemes marins.