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I have not enumerated half the vexatious propensities of my pupils, or half the troubles resulting from my heavy responsibilities, for fear of trespassing too much upon the reader's patience; as, perhaps, I have already done; but my design in writing the few last pages was not to amuse, but to benefit those whom it might concern; he that has no interest in such matters will doubtless have skipped them over with a cursory glance, and, perhaps, a malediction against the prolixity of the writer; but if a parent has, therefrom, gathered any useful hint, or an unfortunate governess received thereby the slightest benefit, I am well rewarded for my pains.
Their technic consisted in waving their tails and moving their heads in a regular succession of measured movements resulting in a cadence which evidently pleased the eye of the Mahar as the cadence of our own instrumental music pleases our ears.
Presently it ceased, to be followed by a shuffling noise that the ape-man's trained ears could interpret as resulting from but a single cause--the scraping of leather-shod feet upon the rounds of a ship's monkey-ladder.
So-ta had given me a suggestion; but the resulting idea was so weird that I could scarce even entertain it; yet it coincided with Ahm's expressed hope, with the various steps in evolution I had noted in the several tribes I had encountered and with the range of type represented in each tribe.
The loss of time resulting from the fight in the prahu and the ensuing peace parley permitted Muda Saffir to put considerable distance between himself and his pursuers.
The resulting hit count can be obtained for external application through the extraction of the textual elements within that HTML source.
The resulting output is a one-page "backplan" that transforms a complex set of detailed plans from different groups with different assumptions into one coherent, integrated set of actions and required results.
SPC-1 tests and resulting metrics are designed with an understanding that there are two classes of environments, critically dependent on storage subsystem performance in random I/O block server storage environments:
In general, the resulting curves on the graphs were flatter when testing the o-rings on a micro IRHD instrument than on the type M durometer.
708 and the current regulations provide rules for identifying, for Federal income tax purposes, whether the resulting partnership (1) of a merger is a continuation of one of the merging partnerships and (2) of a division is a continuation of the prior partnership, neither the statute nor the regulations prescribe a particular form of merger or division.
Horizontal, or lamination, cracks occur because there is an inadequate knitting between adjacent layers, resulting in discontinuities that metal can penetrate.
The scheduling of temporary differences resulting from the uniform capitalization rules is illustrated in item 5.