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An example would involve the erosion of a silica-bonded alumina refractory by slag resulting from rusty scrap.
If the resulting partnership is a continuation of one of the merging partnerships (the continuing partnership), the resulting partnership and the continuing partnership are considered one and the same for Federal income tax purposes.
Returning to the new emphasis on the balance sheet and on the resulting complexity and volatility, I want to talk about the financial instruments project, as it is one of the major items on the FASB's agenda.
Example 4 illustrates temporary differences resulting from intercompany sales of inventory.
9) The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is interested in funding research aimed at understanding the effects of biological, chemical, and radiologic exposures in utero that cause permanent functional changes resulting in increased susceptibility to cancer in adult life.
For example, lead that is well-encapsulated so that it is not released until its part of the charge descends far into the melting zone resulting in lead that is maintained in the cupola well.
However, AcSEC concluded advertising assets other than those resulting from certain direct-response advertising do not meet the recognition criteria of reliability in FASB Concepts Statement no.
Cardiovascular effects associated with high levels of arsenic in drinking water include atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases, ischemic heart disease, and peripheral vascular disorders such as blackfoot disease (resulting from gangrene caused by obstruction of peripheral blood vessels) (Chen et al.
The resulting hit count can be obtained for external application through the extraction of the textual elements within that HTML source.
Marketers can see how and if their ads are resulting in sales, leads, traffic (their desired ROI goal), and targeted ads based on specific demographics.
EPM connects metrics, methodologies, processes and systems used to plan, manage and monitor the performance of an enterprise, resulting in getting the right information to the fight people at the right time.
To evaluate this, samples of FKM and HNBR were molded that had the same shape factor, but different diameters and resulting surface to volume ratios.