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Resultingly, corruption is pervasive and institutional quality low.
Readers will undoubtedly have noted that traders now perceive positive figures on the economy as negative for the market because the US Federal Reserve, in particular, might resultingly curtail its routine dosages of stimulus, injections on which so much of the world seems indirectly to depend.
A signboard fell down on a car at University Road resultingly killing a man and injuries several others.
Additionally, the company said that its level of capital will not resultingly reduce in the total consideration for its merger into Prosperity Bancshares Inc (NYSE:PB).
Andrew Bernstein (1995; 2007, 53-62) has examined four of the integrated literary techniques Rand employed to magnify the plot-theme of the great minds on strike and, resultingly, the theme of the mind's role in human life.
DeGiacomo, acting on behalf of Edward, assumed the role of the "interested" director in Demoulas; therefore, the court reasoned the statute of limitations will resultingly toll until a "disinterested" trustee takes over.
Resultingly, Monsanto's image was damaged by the affair.
The high price, with its resultingly small cap rate, left "that much less margin for error," noted one observer at the time.
These sociopolitical forces may lead lower SES adolescents of color to believe that it is unlikely they will attain the "dream" occupations to which they aspire and, resultingly, expect to attain lower status occupations.
Resultingly, the test items are recorded and some can be referenced according to national norms--so they are often considered to be highly reliable.
Resultingly, the BLOM's Preferred Shares Index increased 0.
In terms of regulation, welfare and the general activity of greyhound racing I have seen Lord Donoughue, with wisdom but also an impressive degree of cunning, reach some resultingly shrewdly balanced proposals.