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Several other measures of resurgence, however, might be used: the latency to the onset of resurgence (whether defined as the first resurged response or something else; an example of the latter to be found in Reed & Morgan, [2006]), its duration (e.
Combining this procedure with the different measures of the resurged response described above seems a useful approach to better understanding relative resurgence as a function of different parameters of the situation.
Each of these investigators found that earlier response patterns resurged only as later ones extinguished, with no well-defined demarcations between extinction of the later learned pattern and resurgence of the earlier learned ones.
Second, the resurged responding that develops when extinction is effected can be a wellspring of new responding, including complex repertoires such as problem solving and creativity (e.
country, violence has resurged in Pakistans Southwestern province as 10 more
His popularity resurged in 1975 with the film "The Sunshine Boys," in which he played a crotchety ex-vaudevillian alongside Walter Matthau.
Programs combating tuberculosis, a disease that has resurged in recent years, would grow 7 percent, to $51 million.
Classics like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen have resurged in popularity because they can be downloaded for free onto electronic readers, reports the Telegraph.
But each time the swamps resurged, they held the same general community of plants, dominated by the conifers.