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Instead of aiming for an existence in some unearthly realm qua heaven, Christians are due for a future resurrection and can begin to live like people with new life in the present.
It is Levenson's judgment that very little attention has been given in modern times to the central belief concerning the resurrection of the dead found in rabbinic Judaism.
The joy of the resurrection is, understandably, mixed with paralyzing fear, and the gospel of John portrays the ongoing struggle among Jesus' followers to understand exactly what happened and what it meant for this community of believers.
Deftly compiling a complete and through account of the Shroud's history, its actual significance for New Testament ecclesiastical studies, its symbolic meaning, and related issues german any debate on its authenticity, The Shroud Was The Resurrection offers a natural biochemical approach to the Shroud as a verification concerning the resurrection of Christ and the true significance of the Shroud of Turin's mysterious and legendary past.
One of the most implausible ideas for those outside the Christian faith is that of resurrection.
Two weeks ago we saw how the resurrection of Jesus, though unique, comes as no surprise to us because of the nature of God.
Many people would be surprised to discover, as I was, that nestled in the forests is a powerful image of the meaning of the resurrection.
It considers the York Corpus Christi plays as a form of sacramental theater, articulating cultural forms by and through the performance of the body of Christ in the Passion and Resurrection sequences.
Tom" Wright - canon theologian of Westminster Abbey - that supports the Bible's account of Jesus' Resurrection.