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Charlie's mum Gabriella said of Luciano yesterday: "He has had to be resuscitated twice.
The study added, "Initial CPR was unsuccessful in 30 patients (60 per cent), the remaining 20 patients (40 per cent) were initially resuscitated but subsequently died, with 70 per cent dying within 24 hours."
The trauma paramedic successfully resuscitated the runner and he was transported to the cardiac unit at the Freeman Hospital."
He was not breathing when emergency services arrived but medical staff, resuscitated him.
"When ambulance staff arrived, they were greeted by a patient who had been successfully resuscitated and praised the remark-remarkable actions of the bystanders.
Dr Daphne Austin, consultant for the West Midlands Specialised Commissioning Team, said: "I would not wish my own child to be resuscitated and in my view we are doing more harm than good resuscitating 23-weekers.
London, Apr 21 (ANI): Newborns who were not breathing at birth and had to be resuscitated are likely to have a low IQ by the age of eight, new research suggests.
Carmen's status was "full code." Medical Records indicated that Carmen was to be resuscitated in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest.
During his hospitalization, the patient was resuscitated on two separate occasions, allegedly in violation of two Do-Not-Resuscitate orders which had been issued by the hospital and executed by members of the patient's family.
She was resuscitated and taken for an emergency hysterectomy, during which blood and a clot were found in her abdominal cavity.
However, documents were falsified to make it look like she had undertaken proper observations and the patient was not to be resuscitated.
Speak openly with your family about whether you want to be resuscitated and whether you want to be maintained if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious.