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Conclusions: Changing the practice of family presence will require strengthening current policy, identifying a team member to attend the patient's family during resuscitation, and requiring nurses to complete education on evidence that supports family presence and changes in clinical practice.
The NZRC is New Zealand's authority on resuscitation, looking at international scientific developments in resuscitation and applying the evidence in New Zealand, to inform the training provided to resuscitation instructors.
Conclusion: There is a need for regular in-service trainings of lady health visitors and midwives regarding Basic Neonatal Resuscitation.
Both these studies clearly show that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an effective, life-saving treatment, and that further encouragement must be given to respond swiftly on suspected cardiac arrest," says Dr Jacob Hollenberg, Cardiologist and Head of Research at the Center for Resuscitation Science.
Research studies conducted with regard to the opinions of health professionals have showed that those approving of family presence said that it helped relatives to see the effort of the resuscitation team and that everything that could have been done had been done, which may lower the risk of litigation surrounding the resuscitation.
Five cycles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) implies five cycles of 30 compressions followed by 2 ventilations.
It also recognises the demanding and complex work a resuscitation nurse does in the co-ordination (of patient care and treatment)," said Hornsby ED's Nursing Unit Manager (NUM), Rosalyn Ferguson.
Lifeguards commenced resuscitation on the beach including cardiac massage and bag-valve-mask ventilation.
To measure nurses' and physicians' knowledge, skills and comfort in neonatal resuscitation in rural hospitals.
Parental presence during medical resuscitation of children has been a common practice for years (see Table 1).
Agard discusses the long standing controversy surrounding the presence of family members during the resuscitation of loved ones.